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Mapbis Inc. is excited to announce our membership within the MultiSpeak® community of operations standards. This will enable Powernet Maestro users to easily integrate their systems with other subsystems in their IT and operation platforms

Powernet Maestro is a Electricity Distribution Network Management Application Suite, with different modules for power users of mapping, general users for network and business analysis and mobile users feeding and controlling network related data in the field. With many customers from less then 100K subscribers to more than 4 Million subscribers, Powernet Maestro implemented already at many different architectures with different software platforms.

Each Utility has its own unique problems and priorities and most of the time, many major issues are solved with less effort, but issues like integrating different subsystems, like Asset Management, Maintenance, CRM, AMR, SCADA etc. takes majority of the time and resources. “MultiSpeak will enable our products to be easily integrated with many other data sources and subsystem in our customers.” Said Alim Kucukpehlivan, the director of Mapbis inc., adding “MultiSpeak®  standards will also be a label for our quality and open architecture approach, we believe that our customers will get better ROIs when all of their investments into digital technology will communicate with each other”

Being MultiSpeak® certified aligns with Mapbis’s ongoing efforts to showcase the capabilities of Powernet Maestro.

Typical GIS
GIS integrated SCADA

The very first problem that can easily be addressed is to integrate two very isolated subsystems. Mapbis has already done integrations with ABB and Siemens SCADA system, but enabling MultiSpeak will make these operations a lot easier.

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About Mapbis

Managing a utility, electricity, gas, water, fiber network, is a multidiscipline service operation. One of the greatest challenge in such operations having a unique data existence for every network element and even customers across all of the IT infrastructure. Mapbis has already addressed this problem by developing the full Maestro suit based on a central GIS database that is easily integrated with the utility companies existing databases. By delivering a different number of utilities in each, electricity, gas, water networks, Mapbis now addresses problems like a fully integrated GIS, where all the departments in the utilities becomes a native user of the system, where the owners of the entities create and maintain the data, and the rest visualize and make reports and analysis for their own requirements.


About MultiSpeak®

MultiSpeak® is the worldwide leading software interoperability standard and solutions for electric utilities enabling data sharing between independent systems in a seamless, cost effective and standardized way by simplifying software integration and minimizing expenses for custom interface solutions. MultiSpeak® is an enabler of Smart Grid and Cyber Security. MultiSpeak® is listed in the NIST-SGIP Catalog of Standards.

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