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ARIESPRO Utilities Partner’s With MultiSpeak® To Serve Public Utilities & Coop Communities

Houston, Texas – ARIESPRO for Utilities, one of the fastest growing cloud based AI, Machine Learning and Analytics Software Product Company specializes in AMI/AMR, Smart Grid, Substation Automation, Outage AI, Enhanced Beneficial Electrification, Clean Energy, Solar PV and Renewables, Battery Storage, Microgrid AI, Electric Vehicles Charging Network for Electric Utilities. Our partnership with MultiSpeak® supports various public utilities, electric cooperatives and participating vendors’ seamless data exchange among multiple operational technologies. We are dedicated to support MultiSpeak® standards and specifications that our utility companies and vendor systems rely on. Our cloud based analytics enterprise service bus (ESB) interfaces with AMI/AMR, GIS, Meter Data Management, Outage Management to build real time machine learning analytics and data driven models for utility executives, systems operators and engineers.

We have been serving major Cooperatives, Public Utilities and IOU’s since 2011. Our goal is to augment the utility enterprise digitization by automating massive amount of data mining processes, predictive analytics and machine learning statistical models. Our Unified Field Operations (AUFO) web and mobile apps has been built on strong process integration of Outages, Asset Management, Field Workforce Management, Finance/Accounting and Cost Management. Leveraging AUFO for Utilities’ back office and Customers with predictive and preventative outages, asset maintenance and true situational awareness; enhances operational efficiency and service reliability.

NRECA’s initiative of MultiSpeak® standardized the interoperability among Utilities silo systems. AriesPro’s enterprise analytics and Utility solutions open framework architecture embraces the concepts and predefined specifications of MultiSpeak®.

AriesPro Utilities’ cloud based SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS offering adopts MultiSpeak® standards and cyber security specifications to further eliminate the need of resource intensive IT infrastructure and custom build interfaces.

Our AUTILI Mobile Apps are specifically built on Utility AI and Machine Learning techniques focuses on Public Utilities and Coop Communities’ initiatives on Beneficial Electrification, Clean Energy, Solar PV, Battery Storage, Electric Vehicles Charging Network among other Smart Grid virtualization.

About ARIESPRO Utilities

ARIESPRO is cloud base Utilities software enterprise solutions provider that has prebuilt and proprietary Utility Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and data-driven algorithms. Our Software as a Services (SaaS), PaaS/IaaS offering augments Utility organizations operations, drive innovation, and make smarter decisions securely using unified situational awareness model on cloud web and mobile apps.

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