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On Now Digital proudly joins the MultiSpeak® community of interoperable standards in support of our ongoing collaboration among utilities and service providers.

“Interoperability and data exchange are a must for utilities who acknowledge that equipment data analysis across departments and sources yields significant benefit for utilities facing higher system reliability expectations and tighter cost controls,” said Jeff Rockwood Managing Director of On Now Digital.  “Given the amount of equipment health data available, utilities are continually looking for ways to leverage new data sources without increasing burden on their teams. Our comprehensive asset health tracking framework is built for utilities to consolidate and simplify asset health data for the purposes of extending the useful life of infrastructure assets.”

On Now Digital’s software solutions incorporate a myriad of data exchanges among monitoring devices, work orders, inventory systems, field inspection tools, lab systems, pole inspection results, aerial/drone results, and more.  Because of the variety of data types flowing through On Now Digital, their expertise aligns well with the MultiSpeak initiative.  On Now Digital is eager to include existing specifications where feasible and contribute to the dialogue and direction for emerging specifications.

On Now Digital’s team is looking forward to engaging and collaborating with the MultiSpeak community.



About On Now Digital

On Now Digital solutions centralize and analyze health data on electrical assets.  As system data sources continue to expand, On Now Digital brings together data to give a more holistic view of fleetwide risk and health.  Utilities save time and effort on managing siloed data sources – instead, they invest more energy in extending the useful life of equipment and addressing at-risk assets prior to failure.

About MultiSpeak®

MultiSpeak® is the worldwide leading software interoperability standard and solutions for electric utilities enabling data sharing between independent systems in a seamless, cost effective and standardized way by simplifying software integration and minimizing expenses for custom interface solutions. MultiSpeak® is an enabler of Smart Grid and Cyber Security. MultiSpeak® is listed in the NIST-SGIP Catalog of Standards.

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