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Seeking MultiSpeak® Case Studies
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What has changed?

Distribution optimization is a key role of America’s Electric Cooperatives that relies on seamless, cyber secure, cost-effective, and reliable data interoperability. A critical challenge in achieving distribution optimization is de-risking technology integration in the electric distribution system.

What is the impact on cooperatives?

The Value of MultiSpeak®

MultiSpeak® subscribers experience first-hand how this world leading software interoperability standard facilitates data sharing between independent systems in a seamless, cyber secure, cost-effective, and standardized way. Not only does MultiSpeak help co-ops arrive at effective system integration and operability, the resulting savings are real – from several thousand dollars per month to some benefitting from upwards of a half million dollars a year!

What do cooperatives need to know or do?

NRECA is producing a series of case studies to highlight the significant values and benefits that MultiSpeak® provides to both electric utilities and software vendors. These brief reports exemplify the initiative of cooperatives to improve data handling for the benefit of their companies and their consumer-members. For the entire series of case studies to date, please visit

Seeking Case Studies

NRECA is looking for MultiSpeak subscribers to share with us your use case studies quantifying the benefits of MultiSpeak. The goal is to summarize:

  • The system integration and operability challenge faced by the cooperative;
  • How MultiSpeak solved the problem;
  • How MultiSpeak was implemented (by the vendor or co-op);
  • What the benefits were experienced by the co-op and/or vendor; and
  • Lessons learned and recommendations for other utilities.

We will publish and highlight the use case studies in our home page and “What’s New?” section, as well as NRECA’s website and TechUpdate newsletter.

For Those Interested

Do you have any MultiSpeak applications that would be good candidates for a short case study? If so, please contact Aliya Alimujiang at or by phone at (703) 907-5814.

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