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Demystifying MultiSpeak

Figure 1: MultiSpeak Web Services Bus

MultiSpeak is ideally suited to supporting a strategic, SOA-based integration architecture or it can be realized in a tactical point-to-point approach with simple transport layer security. A bus architecture makes it easier for a single application uniformly to support services for a number of other software packages in place at a utility. Structuring the web services in this manner also helps to support a service oriented architecture (SOA). Figure 1 illustrates the MultiSpeak service bus architecture.

As shown in the Figure, MultiSpeak supports a number of functions (represented by the single boxes, for example, CD: Connect/Disconnect). Software vendors offer products that will contain one or more functions combined into applications. This functional decomposition permits applications to flexibly support only those functions that are important for that vendor’s desired integration and also supports the reusability of interface functionality.

The Notification (NOT) endpoint enables any application to subscribe to any number of publish-type messages provided by a wide variety of publishers.

The following table provides a comparison of selected capabilities by of MultiSpeak as contained in the most recent releases of Versions 3.0 (build ac), 4.1.6, and Version 5.0, including endpoint coverage and specification attributes.

Capability Version 3.0, build ac Version 4.1.6 Version 5.0
Meter Reading X X Improved
Connect/Disconnect X X X
Prepaid Metering X X X
Staking/Field Design X X Improved
GIS X X Improved
Distribution model management (connectivity) X X Improved
Engineering database exchange   X X
Direct load control X X X
Demand response   X X
Outage management X X Improved
Work management   X Improved
AVL Limited X Improved
Water and gas metering Limited X Improved
Switching orders   X Improved
Tagging/clearances     NEW
Asset management   X Improved
Demand management     NEW
Inventory management Limited Limited Improved
Assembly management Limited Limited Improved
Internationalization   X X
Subscription management   Optional Required
Universal subscriber   Optional Required
Unique identifiers     NEW
Best Practice WSDLs     NEW
Clear message header usage     NEW
Error handling   Limited Improved
Enumerated string fields Few Limited Extensive
Extensible enumerations     NEW
MDM X X Streamlined
Use case documentation None Partial Comprehensive
Testing and certification X X Improved
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