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2018 TechAdvantage MultiSpeak Advisory User Group Meeting

The MultiSpeak Advisory User Group  meets in person at the “2018 TechAdvantage MultiSpeak Advisory User Group Meeting”. The newly elected nine (9) member 2018 Advisory User Group are welcomed by the NRECA/MultiSpeak team.

2018 Coop representatives

  • Andrew Petri, Boone Electric
  • Brian Swart, Horry Electric
  • Ron Schmitz, Great River Energy
  • Scott Lee, Central Alabama
2018 Vendor representatives

  • Carol Meyer, Landis + Gyr
  • Doug Lambert, NRTC
  • John McClenning, Aclara
  • Stacey Nelson, Eaton
NRECA Appointed Representative: 

  • Greg Wolven, WIN Energy REMC

The nine-member MultiSpeak Advisory User Group taps the expertise of software providers and users from utilities to provide advice on the product development, business model, and market trends impacting MultiSpeak and the software integration needs of utilities. The following were discussed at the meeting:

  • Existing and emerging challenges and opportunities within their business and technical focus area impacting the MultiSpeak® Specification
  • Offering a continuing dialog and input from the practitioner’s vantage point on existing and emerging challenges and opportunities within their business and technical focus area
  • Providing input to the Administrator or its designee concerning strategic business plans, commercialization strategies, priorities and gaps, and/or product and technology ideas beneficial to the Initiative and the MultiSpeak® Specification
  • Supporting network and cross-network collaboration around members of the Initiative and other stakeholders that incorporate or may want to incorporate the MultiSpeak® Specification into their business or project.

Gary McNaughton, Increase Engineering, is given a surprised “retirement cake.” Gary is one of the founding members of MultiSpeak in 2000 and served as the MultiSpeak Technical Consultant for 18 years. We will surely missed Gary. Good luck Gary on your retirement!

From left to right: Alvin Razon (NRECA), Tony Thomas (NRECA), Brain Swart (Horry Electric Co-op), Carol Meyer (Landis+Gyr), Tim Lewellen (Milsoft), Gary McNaughton (Cornice Engineering), Doug Lambert (NRTC), Greg Wolven (WIN Energy REMC), Scott Lee (Central Alabama Electric Co-op), Alex Abogado (KLM Technologies), and Marlon Umali (KLM Technologies).

Attended via telecon: Jeremy Westbrook (Increase Technology), Andrew Petri (Boone Electric Co-op), Ron Schmitz (Great River Energy), John McClenning (Aclara), Stacey Nelson (Eaton), and Aleeta Harrington (NRECA)

Attended in person but not in the picture: Venkat Banunarayanan (NRECA)


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