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Heila Technologies is developing the next generation of optimization technologies for DERs to help accelerate the adoption of clean energy.

Contrary to current solutions, which often favor a top-to-bottom centralized approach, our Decentralized Optimization and Control Platform leverages asset-level control to transform each DER into an independent agent in an internal energy market. This approach: (1) Homogenizes every DER for easy coordination with other assets, as well as for integration with upper level systems such as utility aggregators and existing on-site controllers; (2) it enables the agnostic optimization of widely disparate energy types, such as batteries, solar panels, and hydrogen fuel cells, etc. to achieve the highest possible energy savings for the customer and to extend the life of the equipment; and (3) it unlocks the ability to add or remove assets from the system without the need to modify the control configuration, reducing the cost of increasing the site’s capacity or replacing legacy assets with better options.

These capabilities are underpinned by a ready-to-deploy software/hardware solution. Our software framework combines state-of-the-art proprietary innovations in the fields of game theory, machine learning, and perturbation theory with intuitive Human Machine Interfaces and advanced data management techniques, making our tool powerful, yet accessible to any user. While our rugged devices, designed from the ground up to address the critical pain points of project developers and operators, sit in front of the different assets forming an intelligent network that ensures your system is ready to work in a matter of weeks.


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