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Software Interoperability Made Easier

The MultiSpeak® Specification is a key industry-wide standard for realizing the potential of enterprise application interoperability. The MultiSpeak Specification is the most widely applied de facto standard in North America pertaining to distribution utilities and all portions of vertically-integrated utilities except generation and power marketing. It is currently in use in daily operations of more than 725 electric cooperatives, investor-owned utilities, municipals, and public power districts in at least 19 different countries. More>>

MultiSpeak is a leading standard for enterprise application interoperability. It has seen widespread adoption throughout the utility industry, beginning with the electric cooperatives and spreading to municipal and investor owned utilities as well as to international utilities. There are a number of reasons for this significant market penetration. More>>

Many challenges face utilities moving expeditiously toward the goal of achieving a Smart Grid. The MultiSpeak Specification is one of the leading standards addressing the demands of enterprise application interoperability required to achieve smart grid objectives. More>>

If a product has passed either compliance testing or interoperability testing, it may be said to be MultiSpeak compatible or interoperable. The best way to determine if a product has been tested for MultiSpeak compatibility is to examine the tested products listings using the links below.
- Tested Products
- Learn more about MultiSpeak product testing and software assurance


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MultiSpeak members have access to the latest developments in the specification as well as training and interoperability testing.

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MultiSpeak Training

TechAdvantage San Diego Feb 26, 2017

Sign-up and learn the foundational building blocks needed to implement a MultiSpeak® Integration/Interoperability project. Target audience is Utility staff, Software Vendor developers or product managers, and Consultants. Learn how to leverage MultiSpeak in integration/interoperability projects. FREE for MultiSpeak members!